LivePortrait: AI Live Portrait Animation

Discover LivePortrait, the cutting-edge animation creation tool that brings your static images to life. Transforms ordinary photos into captivating, lifelike animated videos in seconds. Whether you're working with real photos, animated styles, or artistic portraits, LivePortrait offers unparalleled versatility and control.

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Animation Result 1
Animation Result 2
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LivePortrait Key Features

1. High-Quality Animation Generation

Transform static images into lifelike animated videos.

2. Precise Motion Control

Accurately adjust eye and lip movements for natural, realistic expressions.

3. Diverse Style Support

Compatible with real photos, animated styles, and artistic portraits.

4. Custom Animation Patterns

Use preset templates or your own videos to drive unique portrait movements.

5. Enhanced Image Processing

Restore, colorize, or upscale images before animation for optimal results.

6. Swift Creation Process

Animation generation typically completes in seconds to minutes, depending on complexity and system load.

LivePortrait Free Playground

LivePortrait Free Playground might be slow or not work sometimes due to high demand. If nothing happens after waiting, consider upgrading to Premium for faster and more reliable service.

Explore LivePortrait Demos and Use Cases

Animated Classical Artwork

LivePortrait imbues renowned paintings with subtle motion, offering a novel perspective on timeless masterpieces.

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Family Heritage Revitalization

LivePortrait breathes new life into family memories. It restores faded photographs, adds color to monochrome images, and animates static family pictures, preserving cherished moments from the past.

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Personal Image Enhancement

LivePortrait enables the creation of dynamic animations from ordinary photographs. Users can enhance their digital presence by transforming static images into engaging, animated videos.

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Anime Character Animation

With LivePortrait, static anime illustrations evolve into animated characters. The application's driving video feature allows favorite anime characters to display lifelike expressions, including blinking and smiling.

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Historical Figures in Motion

With LivePortrait's driving video feature, static portraits of historical figures gain lifelike movements and expressions.

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Expanding Visual Expression

LivePortrait extends to numerous fields of visual communication. We encourage you to explore various styles, epochs, and subjects to discover novel methods of image animation through LivePortrait.

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How to Use LivePortrait

1. Upload Portrait Image

Select and upload a static portrait photo with a clear face.

2. Choose Driving Video

Select from our driving video library or upload your custom video as a motion source.

3. Generate

Configure desired settings or keep defaults, then click 'Generate'.

4. Download and Share

Download the final generated video and share.

LivePortrait FAQs